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Here are some basic reminders about attendance. We all feel in our comfort zone if our child is achieving a "high percentage" in tests and examinations. The danger is that we feel the same way about a "high percentage" for attendance.

80% in a test is excellent news! 80% attendance, whilst looking good, means a student is absent for 1 day a week or if we really stretch this - a whole year off and 100% attendance for the other four!


This has a similar impact on Teaching and Learning.
  • When your child arrives late at school, he/she misses the teacher’s instructions and the induction to the lesson.
  • Your child may also feel embarrassed at having to enter the classroom late.
  • Frequent lateness can add up to a considerable amount of learning lost, and can seriously disadvantage your child.

How much time is lost through lateness?

The first lesson of the day begins at 8.45 Please help your child to be punctual.