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At Chiltern Edge School we take all aspects of "e-safety" very seriously.

This includes the filtering and monitoring of all internet access and email through the school's network, guiding and advising student's through PHSE and ICT, of the potential risks and dangers of all aspects of electronic communication - Facebook and other similar social networking sites, MSM and other messaging applications, and of course the mobile phone and texting - and providing a source of support in the event that things don't go "quite as expected". This support includes school counselling support and, when necessary, police involvement.

Useful Resources

There are a number of excellent sources of information on the web, many of which we use in school. If you want to do a little research of your own have a look at these sites:
(Please note that we are not responsible for the content or availability of the websites below)

Useful Contacts

If you feel you are being bullied through your mobile phone, either with phone calls or text messages, you will be able to seek help from your phone network provider using the phone numbers below:
  • Orange - 07973 100 150, or 150 from an Orange phone

  • Vodafone - 08700 700 11, or 191 from a Vodafone phone

  • O2 - 08705 678 678, or 4445 from an O2 phone

  • Virgin Mobile - 0845 6000 070, or 789 from a Virgin Mobile phone

  • 3 Network - 08707 330 333, or 333 from your 3 Network phone

  • T-Mobile - 0845 412 5000

If you are experiencing bullying phone calls through your landline, the numbers of the providers below may be useful:
  • British Telecom Nuisance Call Advisor - freephone 0800 661 441 (View this pdf leaflet for more information)

  • NTL - 0845 454 0000

  • Telewest - 0845 142 0220

If you are experiencing cyber-bullying through your email account, you may want to contact your Internet service provider for help.
Use this weblink to find a comprehensive list of providers. Click on the 'info' button after each name to access phone numbers:
  • Report abuse on Yahoo's Messenger service by following this weblink.

  • Report abuse on MySpace by following this weblink.

  • Bebo users - read some Bebo safety tips here. To report abuse, you can use the 'Report Abuse' link on the offender's profile

  • Facebook users, or those affected by Facebook, can find help and advice at this link