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Internet Conduct

You are responsible for good behaviour on the Internet just as you are in all other aspects of life at school. Communications on the network are often public in nature. The code of conduct applies at all times, in and out of school hours, whilst using school equipment and resources (eg Email).
Internet access is provided for you to conduct research and communicate with others. Independent access to network services is provided to those who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner and receive parental permission. Access is a privilege, not a right. Access entails responsibility.
Individual users of the Internet are responsible for their behaviour and communications over the network. It is expected that you will comply with this code and will follow the agreements you have signed. You will be held responsible for any activities logged against your username. It is your responsibility to keep your network account details and email access details secure.
During lessons teachers will guide you towards appropriate materials. Outside lesson time you must only access sites which are appropriate for use in school.

Pupils should:

  • Be aware that their actions on the Internet can be seen by others and network use is regularly monitored by staff.
  • Be careful of what they say to others and how they say it. Never give your name, home address, any personal information about yourself or your family or friends, or your telephone number to any strangers you write to or talk with on the Internet. Almost anyone you contact over the Internet is a stranger, and we don’t share personal information with strangers no matter how nice they seem to be.
  • Treat others, as they would expect to be treated. You must be polite to other people when writing to them (or talking to them) while you are on the Internet.
  • Show respect for copyright and trademarks. You cannot use the words or pictures that you see on an Internet site without giving credit to the person who owns the site. You must not copy information from the Internet and hand it in to your teacher as your own work.

Pupils should not:
  • Send or display offensive messages or pictures
  • Use or send bad language
  • Intentionally waste limited resources

Pupils must check with a teacher before:
  • Sending e-mail
  • Downloading files, other than pictures
  • Completing questionnaires or subscription forms
User areas on the school network will be monitored and staff may review your files and communications to maintain system integrity. Failure to follow the code will result in loss of access and further disciplinary action may be taken if appropriate. If applicable, external agencies may be involved.