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PSHCEE (Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic Education) at Chiltern Edge currently consists of one lesson per fortnight for years 7, 8 and 9, and one lesson a week for years 10 and 11.

We also have a range of Focus/Theme days for all year groups throughout the year. We regularly welcome outside speakers (Fire Brigade, Magistrates, employers etc), and host workshops delivered by experts (Drugs and Alcohol, Sex and relationships Education). We have also been lucky enough to host theatre groups (Chelsea's Choice - Child Sexual Exploitation, Engineering Roadshow). Students follow a scheme of work as outlined below.

If you have any questions regarding the PSHCEE programme, please contact Ms Biddiss, PSHCEE Coordinator (cbiddiss@chilternedge.oxon.sch.uk) .

  Yr 7 1 lesson per fortnight Yr 8 1 lesson per fortnight Yr 9 1 lesson per fortnight Yr 10 2 lessons per fortnight Yr 11 2 lessons per fortnight
Term 1 Settling into school Careers Planet ‘Disrespect Nobody’
Alcohol, Drugs and Risky Behaviour CVs and Personal Statements
College Application Forms
Term 2 Anti-Bullying/Friendship
Anti-Bullying week Nov ‘Son of Rambow’
Mental Health and Resilience
Myths v Facts Self harm, stress and anxiety
‘Character’ Developing Resilience Sex and Relationships Education
Teenage pregnancy, breast and testicular awareness, healthy relationships, contraception, STIs ‘Underage and Pregnant’
Study Skills
Mock interview techniques
Term 3 Rights and Responsibilities
The Rights of the Child Child Labour Child Soldiers
Mental Health and Resilience (cont)
‘A Beautiful Mind’
Making Informed Decisions
Crime, Punishment and the Law
Civil v Criminal Law Court System ‘Let Him Have it’
Stress, Time and Money Management
Term 4 Growing Up (2 terms)
Healthy Body Healthy Mind Eating Habits ‘Supersize Me’
Child Sexual Exploitation
Sexting Sexual Bullying
‘Confident me’
Positive Body Image Self Esteem
Aspiration, Resilience and Awareness
Work Related Learning
Structured Revision / Intervention Sessions
Term 5 Growing up: Puberty and Adolescence
Changes to the body Dealing with Emotions
Tobacco and Alcohol Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs Mental Health Awareness  
Term 6 Careers Planet First Aid/ Road Safety/ Keeping Safe First Aid/ Road Safety / Keeping Safe Money Management