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Visions and Values

Vision Statement 2016

The community as a whole will be proud of the school and will regard it as a valued resource. It will be the school of first choice for the majority of children in local primaries and will be recognised as a school with high standards and high expectations of all. All students and their parents will play an increasingly significant role in influencing the future of Chiltern Edge School.

We will be committed to ensuring that all students make good or excellent progress from their starting points. Students’ learning experiences during and beyond the school day will challenge and excite them as they prepare for adult life in an ever changing world. Academic success will be balanced by opportunities to shine in sports, the Arts and community service. Decisions they make about their futures will be well judged and will make the most of their skills and interests.

The school will continue to attract high quality staff who will make the most of the opportunities to enhance their skills and extend themselves professionally. They will enjoy working at the school and will continue to explore best practice and improve on previous best. Through their efforts the school will continue to develop as a vibrant learning community.