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Year 10 Exams

“Exams will take place in the Sports Hall and you will be expected to approach and behave in a manner appropriate to the formal setting. You must be properly equipped for the exams including pens, pencils, ruler and a calculator (if appropriate) – these should be in a clear pencil case. You may take a water bottle into the exam. If you have been advised of alternative arrangements to support you in exams then you will sit the exams in the Old English Block. In Options subjects where no written exam is being taken you will spend time working on practical elements of the course with your teacher. You should proceed to your normal teaching room during the session and ensure you have any relevant work with you.

Between exams you will be able to use the canteen and have a break. Please be aware that there are lots of other activities going on in school and so you will not be at liberty to wander around. You must ensure you are on time to the next exam session.
There are no exams timetabled for Wednesday – you are expected in school (unless you study Geography or have been invited to join the Art & Tech trip to London). Friday session 3 is Core PE – please ensure you have kit.”