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Year 7 Catch Up Funding

The Government provides additional funding to schools to support provision for students who fail to achieve a National Curriculum Level 4 at the end of Key Stage 2. The funding provided is £500 for each student. In 2014/15 financial year the school received £10,500 from this source.


In 2014, of the students who joined Year 7 and who had not achieved level 4 at the end of KS2:

10 had not achieved level 4 in English

12 had not achieved a level 4 in Maths

1-1 tuition and small group intervention by subject specialist teaching assistants and teachers was made available to all these students.

Tracking shows that all students made progress in English in Year 7. 11 out of 14 students made at least 2 sub Levels of Progress and 7 made at least 3 Levels of Progress

In Maths only half of the students were tracked as making progress from their KS2 Levels during Year 7 despite targeted intervention.

Internal baseline testing does indicate some lack of continuity between KS2 scores and entry KS3 levels in Maths. Whilst students appear to take more than a year to catch up and make apparent progress from their reported KS2 levels, by the end of KS4 the proportion making expected progress or better is well above national averages(2015 Inspection Dashboard Page 4).


In the 2015/16 Financial Year the school has been in receipt of £14,500 funding for students entering below Level 4 in English or Maths. A report on the programmes carried out this year with evidence of impact will be posted once student outcomes have been evaluated in the summer term.